Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1

Citrix AppLayering

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If Citrix AppLayering Agent is installed on the Image, BIS-F does something different describes in this chapter. Depending on the current Layer (OS, Platform, Application Layer) and if BIS-F runs inside / or outside the ELM, BIS-F detects the current Layer or ELM Mode and handles it accordingly.

BIS-F replaces need to run “Layer Finalize” running the following commands
Prepare AppLayering – List and remove unused network devices > UniService.exe -G
Prepare AppLayering – Check System Layer integrity > UniService.exe -L

BIS-F checks the results of the Layer integrity from the UniService Logfile, containing “Layer finalize is allowed”
before proceeding, otherwise BIS-F stops with an error message and you must check the log for further information, mostly a reboot
is necessary to fix the issue.

The following table Shows the AppLayering Matrix.

Layer AppLayering RunMode: Published image, all normal filtering takes place AppLayering RunMode: not used AppLayering RunMode: Editing the OS Layer, no filtering takes place AppLayering RunMode: Editing any app or platform layer
1 2 3 4
OS Layer DiskMode = UnmanagedAppLayering
Platform-Layer DiskMode = VDAPrivateAppLayering
Application-Layer DiskMode = UnmanagedAppLayering
Outside ELM DiskMode = ReadWriteAppLayering

With this above combinations, BIS-F can hande App- and Platform Layer different if needed

Outside ELM:
This reference to the following KB Article Citrix App Layering 4.x: PVS Connector (BootPrivate) 

The DiskMode is a BIS-F own Feature, that are describes here

The App-Layering RunMode is getting from the Registry:

If both AppLayering & PVS Target Device driver are installed, BIS-F skips the conversion to PVS vDisk with P2PVS / ImagingWizard.

During BIS-F Personalization, triggered from BIS-F scheduled task created during Preparation, the current Layer will be detected:
In the OS-Layer the Windows Update Service will be started

Redirection Matrix:
The Return Code below will be written also to the BIS-F Logfile

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