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BIS-F is a big free Tool for sealing and personalize your Windows Images using a vendor best practices way. Your Donation is for the hard work, sleepless nights with PowerShell Coding. click here

Get the latest BIS-F release below, previous Releases can be grabbed from my GitHub Repro here.

BIS-F 7.1912.5

Release Date 16. September 2020

Release Notes


Additional Informations

  • If you using Citrix Applayering or Windows 10 User Personalization Layer (UPL) this Release is minimum required.
  • As announced in 7.1912.3 this version is available as an MSI Installer only,

MSI unattended Installation

Announcing the Base Image Script Framework 7.1912 release

[HOW TO] Hydrate Files on Citrix Provisioning Server for faster Application Start

MSI Installer setup-BIS-F-7.1912.5.11040.msi

Checksums SHA256 - 2708B001D1CDEC30C86517A9C6D55E1B0876985D24EC2640D93145FD52FAF3C0

VirusTotal Result


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