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BIS-F is a big free Tool for sealing and personalize your Windows Images using a vendor best practices way. Your Donation is for the hard work, sleepless nights with PowerShell Coding. click here

Get the latest BIS-F release below, previous Releases can be grabbed from my GitHub Repro here.

BIS-F 7.1912.7

Release Date 21. November 2022


Additional Information

The CodeSigning Certificate of BIS-F 7.1912.6 will epxire on 04. January 2023 !! This release fixes some small bugs only

MSI Installer setup-BIS-F-7.1912.7.11042.msi

Checksums SHA256 - AC759AF55B4EFD345F6E4F150AE0F4E9D100EA0D8D4AE273F20C1C1BAB12CE8F

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