Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1


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BIS-F detect the DiskMode depend on your environment and select the right action, this Table show’s the overview of the used DiskMode

DiskMode PVS Target Device Driver PVS WriteCacheType 2) VDA AppLayering C:\Personality.ini P2V Custom UNC-Path convert to vDisk
ReadWrite     yes WriteCacheType = 0 file not exist yes
ReadOnly       yes WriteCacheType <> 0 error
VDAPrivate      w/o    yes DiskMode=Private 1)
VDAShared      w/o    yes DiskMode=Shared
VDAPrivateUNC-Path      w/o    yes DiskMode=Private    yes 1)
VDASharedUNC-Path      w/o    yes DiskMode=Shared    yes
UnmanagedUNC-Path         yes    yes file not exist    yes yes
ReadWriteAppLayering         yes WriteCacheType = 0    yes
ReadOnlyAppLayering         yes WriteCacheType <> 0    yes
VDAPrivateAppLayering      w/o    yes    yes DiskMode=Private
VDASharedAppLayering w/o    yes    yes DiskMode=Shared
VDAPrivateUNC-PathAppLayering w/o    yes    yes DiskMode=Private    yes
VDASharedUNC-PathAppLayering w/o    yes    yes DiskMode=Shared    yes
UnmanagedUNC-PathAppLayering w/o w/o    yes    yes
Unmanaged file not exist


1) Yes, if PVS Target Device Driver is installed
2) WriteCacheType exist only, if a vDisk is attached to the Target Device w/o with or without

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