Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1

Citrix PVS: Boot from Harddisk

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With the BIS-F ADMX Configuration > Citrix > Configure Citrix PVS Target Device you can select the P2v Tool P2PVS or ImagingWizard. In all ways BIS-F will using the right commandline switches to convert to Base-Image to the vDisk. IF you using UEFI Boot and has P2PVS configured in the ADMX,
BIS-F runs a automatic fallback to ImagingWizard, it will be run with UEFI only.


The following arguments will be used to convert the HardDisk to the PVS vDisk. The P2V Tool is triggered only, if you run the right DiskMode, as you can see here

P2V Tool vDisk Format BootMode Enable P2V Custom UNC-Path P2V Custom UNC-Path Enable custom arguments Arguments Command
P2PVS VHDX/VHD Legacy BIOS P2PVS C: /Autofit /L
P2PVS VHDX/VHD Legacy BIOS               yes C: /L P2PVS C: /L
P2PVS VHDX Legacy BIOS          yes \\Server\Share P2VHDX %Computername%-yyyyMMdd-HHmm \\Server\Share C:
P2PVS VHD Legacy BIOS        yes \\Server\Share P2VHD %Computername%-yyyyMMdd-HHmm \\Server\Share C:
<strong>P2PVS</strong> <strong>UEFI</strong> <strong>Fallback to ImagingWizard</strong>
ImagingWizard VHDX/VHD Legacy BIOS P2PVS C: /QuitWhenDone
ImagingWizard VHDX/VHD Legacy BIOS               yes /QuitWhenDone P2PVS /QuitWhenDone
ImagingWizard VHDX Legacy BIOS                 yes \\Server\Share P2VHDX %Computername%-yyyyMMdd-HHmm \\Server\Share C: /QuitWhenDone
ImagingWizard VHD Legacy BIOS                 yes \\Server\Share P2VHD %Computername%-yyyyMMdd-HHmm \\Server\Share C: /QuitWhenDone
ImagingWizard VHDX/VHD UEFI P2PVS /QuitWhenDone
ImagingWizard VHDX/VHD UEFI                yes /QuitWhenDone P2PVS /QuitWhenDone
ImagingWizard VHDX UEFI                  yes \\Server\Share P2VHDX %Computername%-yyyyMMdd-HHmm \\Server\Share/QuitWhenDone
ImagingWizard VHD UEFI                  yes \\Server\Share P2VHD %Computername%-yyyyMMdd-HHmm \\Server\Share/QuitWhenDone


If you using UEFI, the CLIcmd for ImagingWizard are not able to deselect any Driveletter, the ImagingWizard might be failed to run. If you deselect the WriteCacheDrive for example in the ImagingWizard GUI, it works without any issues !!

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