Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Release Notes

6.1.0 build 01.101

44 views January 28, 2019 May 31, 2019 Matthias Schlimm 0

Version 6.1.0 build 01.101
13.03.2018 MS: migrate BIS-F to Github, new ID’s for Issue
25.02.2018 MS: Bugfix 29: AppLayering does not detect the right layer
15.02.2017 MS: Bugfix 32: Fslogix – When in the GPO specify “Configure FSLogix central rule share” to Disabled, the script still prompt for the path when is executed.
11.02.2018 MS: Bugfix 33: if sysprep is enabled and other Management SW like Citrix VDA, PVS Target Device Driver, VMWare View Agent is installed, the script breaks

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