Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Release Notes


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Version 4.2.2:
30.06.2014 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Changed to $LOGfile = Set-Logfile
06.08.2014 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Functions.psm1; Added function ChangeNetworkProviderOrder
06.08.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_SEP.ps1; Changed NetworkProviderOrder SnacNp and add Silentswitch -AVFullScan (YES|NO)
06.08.2014 MS: PrepareXAforPVS.cmd; Supressed message for set-executionpolicy remoteSigned
11.08.2014 MS: Revisited all scrips to replace Write-Host for Write-Log
11.08.2014 MS: 10_XA_Main_PrepPVS.ps1 and 20_XA_Main_PersPVS.ps1; Changed logging for Preparation and Personalization to a single file, previously set to one log file per script
11.08.2014 MS: Added Script for default Logviewer 10_XX_PrepPVS_SMSTrace.ps1 as external log file viewer
11.08.2014 MS: Bug fix; if you added a new XenApp server, the WriteCacheDisk would not be automatically formatted
11.08.2014 MS: Removed $returnCheckPVSDriveLetter
12.08.2014 MS: 10_XA_Main_PrepPVS.ps1 / 20_XA_Main_PersPVS.ps1; Changed log filename from .log to .bis (BIS = BaseImageScripts)
13.08.2014 MS: All scripts; Removed $logfile = Set-logFile, it would be used in the 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1 Script only
Version 4.2.1:
11.06.2014 MS: PrepareXAforPVS.cmd; Changed ExecutionPolicy from unrestricted to RemoteSigned, thx to Frank Fette
11.06.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_EPC.ps1; Fixed syntax error to start silent pattern update and full scan, fixed read variable LIC_PVS_CLI_AV
11.06.2014 MS: 96_XX_PrepPVS_REARM.ps1; Fixed read variable LIC_PVS_CLI_AV and LIC_PVS_CLI_OF
05.06.2014 BR: 10_XX_PersPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Added WriteCache Option Check for PVS Device RAM with Overflow to Device HardDisk
05.06.2014 BR: 10_XX_PersPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Use Write-Log function for Logging
Version 4.2:
15.05.2014 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Functions.psm1; Added function get-version, to display this in the console window
15.05.2014 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1; Added get-Version to show current running version
15.05.2014 MS: 97_XX_PrepPVS_PRE-vDisk.ps1; Changed console output to get-adaptername, line 91 -> Write-Log -Msg ” Read AdapterName: $element”

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