Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Release Notes


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Version 5.0.2:
17.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 70; The FSLogix rules are copied from the central share but not applied, in the FSLogix personalization script, the copy must be performed after starting the FSLogix service, to resolve this issue
13.08.2015 MS: FSLogix copy rules and assigment files from central share, use CLI command FSXRulesShare or waiting for the Gui prompt during preperation phase, the rules and assignment files would be copied on computerstartup
13.08.2015 MS: Added function Show-CustomInputBox to show a messagebox to enter a value (needed for FSLogix central rules share)
13.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 65; If Office not installed and CLI switch would be set to ream office, an error occurs. Check if Office is installed, before starting rearm process
13.08.2015 MS: Bug fix; Support for PVS 7.7: $P2PVS_LOGFile_search=”Conversion was successful” must be changed to $P2PVS_LOGFile_search=”successful” to get ready for PVS7.7 and earlier
12.08.2015 MB: Added new Script 00_XX_PrepBISF_SecureBISFFolder.ps1 to remove useraccess to the BIS-F installation Folder
12.08.2015 MS: Fixed P2PVS/XenConvert define LogfilePath, before P2PVS/XenConvert would be started, existing log file would be deleted
12.08.2015 MS: BIS-F Logviewer; Search on specified path and their subfolders only, for a better performance
11.08.2015 MS: Fixed code for .NET compilation jobs
11.08.2015 BR: Feature 63; On Base Image only, the WSUS Service would be started, on shared image devices the service would be stopped and disabled.
10.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 52; Changed code for P2PVS or XenConvert Logfile detection, looking in all paths and deleted older files
10.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 62; Added new function Write-ZeroesToFreeSpace instead of NimbleFastReclaim -> buggy on W2012R2
10.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 50; Added existing funtion $Global:returnTestPVSDriveLetter=Test-PVSDriveLetter -Verbose:$VerbosePreference
10.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 61; TrendMicro preparation; Kill Tasks of each TM Process before stops the services, define array for TM services for better scripthandling
10.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 51; ReAdded “Removing Local Citrix Group Policy Settings” in function CleanUpCTXPolCache
07.08.2015 MS: Bug fix 52; XenConvert, script is looking in provisioning server path and not in installed directory
07.08.2015 MS: Change; Renamed Scripts from from CCM to SCCM and OpsMgr to SCOM
30.07.2015 MS: Bug fix 49; SCOM preperation : Fix line 39: rename $returnCheckPVSSoftware to $returnTestPVSSoftware
08.06.2015 MS: Feature; Executing all queued .NET compilation jobs; Precompiling assemblies with Ngen.exe can improve the startup time for some applications.
08.06.2015 MS: Bug fix; Different path for OSSPREAM.exe not valid for Office2013, for office2010 only
03.06.2015 MS: Feature 44; Added CLI Option “FSXdelRules” to purge the FSLogix Rules from CLI
03.06.2015 MS: Feature 44; Add FSLogix detection to ask for deleting of the Rules, The FSLogix Service would only be starting if the cloned device is in shared mode or not equal the Base Image computer
02.06.2015 MS: Running from SCCM or MDT -> Changing to $logpath only (prev. $LogFilePath = “$logPath\$LogFolderName”), only files directly in the folder are preserved, not subfolders
28.05.2015 MS: Renamed Scripts from …vDisk.ps1 to …BaseImage.ps1
28.05.2015 MS: Bug fix 48; Novell ZCM: Duplicated GUID after ZCM Agent update, designed new script for ZCM Agent preparation
20.05.2015 MS: Feature 45; W2012 R2 only; Fixed the no Remote Desktop Licence Server issue available on RD Session Host server 2012
18.05.2015 MS. Feature 39; Added CLI Option VERYSILENT to suppress all messageboxes for fully automation, show error if the needed CLI switch not defined
18.05.2015 MS: Bug fix 43; Wrong CLI variable for P2PVS -> Line 150 must be changed from $LIC_PVS_CLI_PT to $LIC_BISF_CLI_PT
18.05.2015 MS: Bug fix 41; VIETool is slow to execute, separated Log and ConsoleLog, deactivated get-LogContent
Version 5.0.1:
05.05.2015 MS: Temp. Deactivated DeleteCCMCache, some errors more testing
05.05.2015 MS: Running BIS-F from local drives only, show error if running from unc path or mapped drive
04.05.2015 MS: Added SCOM 2012 detection previously checked for 2007 path only
Version 5.0.0:
24.04.2015 MS: PowerShell minimum version must be set to v3, with v2 the psd1 would not loaded correctly
15.04.2015 MS: Added advanced commands to diskpartfile to bring the disk online if the WriteCacheDisk is not formatted
15.04.2015 MS: Added fix for MSMQ Service if running XD FP1 and session recording, the VDA has the same QMId as the MSMQ (
15.04.2015 MS: Replaced trace32 with CMTrace latest version
15.04.2015 MS: Copy CMTrace only, if trace32 or CMTrace not exist on the system. register extension *.bis with the available Viewer on the system (trace32 or CMTrace)
14.04.2015 MS: Detect if running from SCCM/MDT task sequence, if so it sets the log file location to the task sequence LogPath
14.04.2015 MS: Defrag is no longer running on the hard disk, now it’s running on the vDisk in POST script
14.04.2015 MS: Added CLI Option to perform or suppress a system shutdown after successfully build the Base Image
14.04.2015 MS: SCCM/MDT Task sequence detection to suppress a shutdown of the Base Image after successful build
14.04.2015 MS: CCleaner; New version of WinApp2.ini v5.04.150325 and CCleaner 5.4.0
12.03.2015 MS: Symantec Prep Script; Fixed syntax error on line 108
06.03.2015 MS: Get Powershell minimum Major version from Powershell Data File instead of global variable
06.03.2015 MS: Added deletion of CCM Package Cache
19.02.2015 MS: McAfee Antivirus; Fixed syntax error and show progress bar on full scan
19.02.2015 MS: Symantec Endpoint Protection; Show progress bar on full scan and VIETool
19.02.2015 MS: SCCM Prep/Pers Script; Fixed syntax error and error handling
19.02.2015 MS: Microsoft Operations Manager; Changed line 65 to IF ($svc -And (Test-Path $OpsStateDirOrigin))
18.02.2015 MS: Added CLI switch -SuppressPndReboot to suppress a pending reboot
18.02.2015 JP/MS: Recreate Application Streaming offline database
18.02.2015 JP/MS: Remove Citrix Streaming Cache (RadeCache)
18.02.2015 JP/MS: Detect Citrix User Profile Manager cache path and delete existing cache
18.02.2015 JP/MS: Remove Citrix EdgeSight Client Data
17.02.2015 MS: Added custom script for Microsoft AppV Client
17.02.2015 MS: Added custom script for Frontrange DSM (NetInstall)
13.02.2015 MS: Added convert-settings to migrate PVS to BISF
13.02.2015 MS: Added CLI Option for reset performance counters
12.02.2015 MS: New PreBuildAction: Ask to reset performance counters
10.02.2015 MS: Added CLI Option for CCleaner to clean temp files
10.02.2015 MS: Added CLI Option for Symantec Endpoint Protection VIEScan to flag the scanned files
09.02.2015 JP/MS: New PreBuildAction: run CCleaner for temp files
09.02.2015 MS: Renamed Script from XenApp to Citrix to have all CTX Modules in one script
09.02.2015 MS: Moved SetSTA from single script to the CTX script
09.02.2015 JP/MS: New PreBuildAction; Clear the Windows event logs
09.02.2015 BR: Symantec Endpoint Protection; Added VIE Tool to improve scan performance on base image files.
09.02.2015 MS: New PreBuildAction; Use NimbleFastReclaim instead of sdelete
06.02.2015 MB: Recent code changes
06.02.2015 MS: Added check for pending reboot and exit script if value set to true
13.01.2015 MB: Added new script to activate Office against KMS server at system personalization
12.12.2014 MS: Fixed Empirum Agent script, syntax error at line 33
10.12.2014 JP/MS: Added McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise support
10.12.2014 JP/MS: Added Splunk Universal Forwarder support

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