Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Release Notes


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Version 4.5.2:
18.11.2014 MS: Added Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) support
27.10.2014 BR: Added personalization script to Update Time and Re-apply GPO
27.10.2014 MS: Fixed wrong $cachelocation from XML-File (thx to David Rosenthal)
14.10.2014 MS: Altiris Deployment Agent preparation, stop service and set it to manual
14.10.2014 MS: Altiris Deployment Agent personalization, check agent status and start it, if vDisk is in private Mode
13.10.2014 MS: WSUS; Check TargetGroupEnabled to delete WSUS-ID or set Windows Update Service to manual
17.09.2014 MS: Show script version number in Windows Title
17.09.2014 MS: Added registry value to fix -> Applying Group Policies Fails After Symantec Endpoint Protection Client Installation from
17.09.2014 MS: Added TrenMicro Officescan to prepare and personalize the system to prevent duplicate GUID’s’
16.09.2014 MS: Added Matrix 42 Empirum Agent support, prepare and read LocalCache from XML file
Version 4.5.1:
16.09.2014 MS: Run PvDcheck directly after PVD Inventory Update and not after PVS vDisk Build
15.09.2014 MS: Added CLI switch -verbose -> $LIC_PVS_CLI_VB to show supressed messages in console
15.09.2014 MS: P2PVS.log or XenConvert.log would be checked if PVS Target Device is installed and the Device boot up from hard disk only
15.09.2014 MS: Added CLI Switch -P2PVS to use P2PVS instead of XenConvert if installed
15.09.2014 MS: Removed XenConvert from Tools folder… to longer use you must install XenConvert on your base image in “C:\Program Files\Citrix\XenConvert”
Version 4.5.0:
20.08.2014 MS: 98_XX_PrpPVS_BUILD_vDisk.ps1; Added and use XenConvert to reduce vDisk storage, older technology but do not capture free space of the Base-Image. If XenConvert not exist, P2PVS that comes with PVS71 would be used
19.08.2014 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Prevent reboot loop, check log file folder it can be created and reboot
15.08.2014 MS: Final changes before web release
14.08.2014 MS: New version ready for Citrix XenDesktop 7.5, PVS, MCS and other Image Management Software

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