Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Release Notes


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Version 1.9:
26.08.2013 MS: 10_XX_GenPVS_WriteCacheDisk; Read WriteCacheDrive from vDisk inside registry PVSAgent and check it with the whole environment to set the UniqueID of the disk
Version 1.8:
23.08.2013 MS: Folder 10_XX_LIB: Deleted all scripts, that were not used
Version 1.7:
22.08.2013 MS: 20_XA_GenPVS_SetSTA.ps1; Set STA based on computer name like STA%COMPUTERNAME%
22.08.2013 MS: 20_XA_PrpPVS_SetSTA.ps1; Set STA to UNKNOWN for prepare with PVS
Version 1.6:
03.07.2013 MS: 10_XA_MAIN_PrpPVS.ps1; Write script path to registry $hklm_software\PS-SCRIPTS\COMMON to use in whole environment
Version 1.5:
25.06.2013 MS: 10_XX_GenPVS_WriteCacheDisk; Changed location for temporary Diskpartfile to %TEMP%
25.06.2013 MS: 10_XX_PrpPVS_WriteCacheDisk; Changed location for temporary Diskpartfile to %TEMP%
25.06.2013 MS: 96_XX_PrpPVS_REARM; Added Office 2010 rearm support: OSPPREARM.EXE added, but not tested
Version 1.4:
07.03.2013 MS: 10_XX_PrpPVS_WriteCacheDisk; Error in script to read the correct volume to identify the Unique ID and set it to registry
Version 1.3:
28.02.2013 MS: 10_XX_GenPVS_WriteCacheDisk; Read UniqueID from Registry and use it in diskpart
28.02.2013 MS: 10_XX_PrpPVS_WriteCacheDisk; Read UniqueID from PVSWriteCacheDisk and write it to registry
28.02.2013 MS: 99_XX_PrpPVS_POST_vDisk; Check vDisk conversation successful, then shutdown
28.02.2013 MS: 98_XX_PrpPVS_BUILD_vDisk1; Delete P2PVS log file > Remove-Item $P2PVS_LOGFile -recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Version 1.2:
27.02.2013 MS: Script creation for SCCM Client; Tested with SCCM 2007
27.02.2013 MS: 98_XX_PrpPVS_BUILD_vDisk; Function CheckvDisk: check if Citrix PVS personality file exists
Version 1.1:
04.02.2013 MS: 97_XX_PrpPVS_PRE_vDisk; Delete all Citrix Cached files $CTX_SYS32_CACHE_PATH
Version 1.0:
23.12.2012 MS: Library created

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