Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Release Notes


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Version 3.5:
12.05.2014 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_ZCM.ps1; Get ZCM argument list from custom specified registry value –>> $LIC_PVS_ZCM_CFG
12.05.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_MSC.ps1; Changed full scan from Windows Defender directory to ‘$MSC_path\…’
12.05.2014 MS: Documentation: Added reference list for global variables and functions
Version 3.4:
02.05.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_CCM.ps1; BUG code-error certstore SMS not deleted > & Invoke-Expression ‘certutil -delstore SMS “SMS”‘
03.04.2014 MS: 90_XA_PersPVS_XenApp.ps1; Added check for redirected MDB-Files for LHC and RadeOffline and Start IMAService
03.04.2014 MS: 90_XA_PrepPVS_XenApp.ps1; Redirect LHC
03.04.2014 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1; Fixed wrong Log-Location
02.04.2014 MS: 90_XA_PrepPVS_XenApp.ps1; Redirect Citrix Cache to persistent drive
02.04.2014 MS: 98_XX_PrpPVS_BUILD_vDisk.ps1; Run TargetOSOptimizer.exe if booted from hard disk only
02.04.2014 MS: 97_XX_PrepPVS_PRE-vDisk.ps1; [array]$PreMSG = “N” #<<– display a message box to perform these step, set Y = YES or N = NO
02.04.2014 MS: 97_XX_PrepPVS_PRE-vDisk.ps1; Added question to run Defrag on Systemdisk
02.04.2014 MS: 97_XX_PrepPVS_PRE-vDisk.ps1; Added question to run Sysinternals SDelete to zero out empty vDisk areas and reduce storage
01.04.2014 MS: 10_XA_Main_PrepPVS.ps1; Removed Title, this would be implemented in the central functions
01.04.2014 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1; Moved central functions to 10_XX_LIB_Functions.psm1
01.04.2014 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Funtions.ps1; Added central functions and global environment variables from 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1
01.04.2014 MS: 97_XX_PrepPVS_PRE-vDisk.ps1; Added array to remove WindowsUpdateInformations
01.04.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_CCM.ps1; Show Console Message
01.04.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_MSC.ps1; Show Console Message
01.04.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_SEP.ps1; Show Console Message
Version 3.3:
26.03.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_CCM.ps1; Created new script to prepare SCCM client compatible with SCCM 2007 to 2012 R2
26.03.2014 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_CCM.ps1; Created new script to personalize SCCM client compatible with SCCM 2007 to 2012 R2
Version 3.2:
25.03.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_MSC.ps1; Created new Script for Microsoft Security Client
Version 3.1:
21.03.2014: MS/BR: Reviewed all scripts; New central Functions, tested whole environment
21.03.2014: MS: 10_XX_PrpPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Added CDrom function
21.03.2014: MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Added CDrom function
Version 3.0:
13.03.2013 MS: 96_XX_PrpPVS_REARM; Removed function MigrateValues > Add message box to OS rearm and office rearm
11.03.2014 MS/BR: Reviewed all scripts
11.03.2014 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_SEP.ps1; IF (Test-Path (“$SEP_path\smc.exe”))
11.03.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_SEP.ps1; IF (Test-Path (“$SEP_path\smc.exe”))
11.03.2014 BR: 10_XX_PersPVS_ZCM.ps1; Script created / MS: IF (Test-Path (“$SEP_path\smc.exe”))

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