Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Release Notes


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Version 2.7:
27.02.2014 MS: 96_XX_PrpPVS_REARM.ps1; Created new function MigrateValues > Migrate old values from earlier script version to new one
14.02.2014 BR: 10_XX_PersPVS_SEP.ps1; Changed Function StopService
14.02.2014 BR: 10_XX_PrepPVS_SEP.ps1; Changed Function StartService
Version 2.6:
27.01.2014 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_SEP.ps1; MS: $HostID_Prfx = “00000000000000000000”
27.01.2014 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_SEP.ps1; Set-Location $SEP_path
27.01.2014 MS: 10_XX_PrepPVS_SEP.ps1; Set-Location $SEP_path
Version 2.5:
17.12.2013: MS: 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1; MS: Error handling; added return $false for exit script
17.12.2013: MS: 10_XA_MAIN_PrpPVS.ps1; Add $return for Error handling and exiting script
17.12.2013: MS: 20_XA_PrpPVS_SetSTA.ps1; Check if file exists
Version 2.4:
01.10.2013 MS: 10_XX_PrpPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Added function SetRefSrv; Set reference server Hostname in registry to detect it in the personalize script to skip reboot
01.10.2013 MS: 10_XX_PersPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Added function GetRefSrv; Get reference server Hostname in registry to detect it and skip reboot
01.10.2013 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1; Added global value LIC_PVS_RefSrv_HostName to detect reference server
Version 2.3:
18.09.2013 MS: All Scripts; Replaced $date with $(Get-date) to get current timestamp at running script lines write to the log file
18.09.2013 MS: 10_XX_LIB_Config.ps1; Created Global Library to set global variables get from registry und from script
18.09.2013 MS: 95_XA_Prep_Redirect.ps1; Created new script to redirect Local Host Cache to persistent drive
Version 2.2:
16.09.2013 MS: 98_XX_PrpPVS_BUILD_vDisk.ps1; Check personality.ini if Device boot up from hard disk or vDisk
Version 2.1:
12.09.2013 MS: 10_XX_PrpPVS_WriteCacheDisk.ps1; Critical fix to get UniqueID on English display language only
12.09.2013 MS: 98_XX_PrpPVS_BUILD_vDisk.ps1; Add progress bar during P2PVS
Version 2.0:
27.08.2013 MS: Official release, simplified folder structure, added documentation and bug fixes

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