Introduction After Upgrade of the existing StoreFront Group, the Users struggeling with the WebInterface (StoreWeb) and see a Spinning Weehl only, the Native Store was not affected. If you hit F5 for refresh the page loads and you can see your Applications. and Desktops, this happens for explicit and Domain Passtrough logons with different Browsers. […]

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In my last Citrix Project with Netscaler (SAML SP) with IBM TFIM (SAML IDP), StoreFront 3.9 and XenApp 6.5 HF 7 we has some issues with the Kerberos Ticket Caching, default is 15 minutes.   Failure On Customer side,  in the external portal we have one link, for each publish application, if the user clicks to one […]

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In past design decisions, the customer would like often to configure a single FQDN for both Netscaler (external) and StoreFront (internal) deployment. First off all the customer must have the same DNS Zone for external and internal access to fulfill this solution. In the picture and in the PDF (you can download below) I have add […]

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