Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Feature Request and Future Plan


Working on the next Version of BIS-F 6.0.3 it’s supporting Hyper-V UEFI, BIS-F using ImagingWizard instead of P2PVS to convert the Disk to the attached vDisk and also supports Citrix Optimizer Engine (CTXOE).

But for the next Major Release 6.1.x we have a big list prepared with Features, Issues, and Bugs.

Is that we really need or do you think in a other way ? Please leave us a comment below about your feature request, known bugs or something else.

You can also use the BIS-F Form in the menue.

all the best Matthias, Florian, Mike and Jonathan (BIS-F Dev Team)

ID Work Item Type Title
109 Feature WhoAmI function Computername WIN- or Desktop-
119 Feature Consolidate Scripts from Prep and Pers to one script for each product
141 Feature Check for CLI commands for Desktop Virtualisation Best Practice Analyser integration
142 Feature Enable logons after BIS-F ran succesfully
145 Bug Add proper Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr.exe) support
150 Feature Create virtual hard disk for PVS during BIS-F sealing process
152 Feature Set LogFile Retention
153 Feature Email support
154 Feature Windows Eventlog instead of Logfile
155 Feature ADML Translation de-de
157 Feature Revisit all scripts to use standard POSH-Verbs
158 Feature Support for Acrobat DC/Fix for licensing issue
159 Feature Configure vmOSOT Template to use
160 Feature ADML Translation fr-fr
161 Feature Create BISF Service instead of schedule Task
162 Feature Remove all non present devices from Device Manager
166 Feature remove all Messageboxes, Input Boxes – ADMX config only
167 Feature Cached Policies not deleted
168 Feature Printer Installer Preparation
169 Feature Add Citrix AppLayering Support
170 Feature Remove all Messageboxes, Inputboxes
171 Issue Hyper-V gen2 uefi boot
172 Feature P2PVS and ShellHWDetection (available with the upcoming Version 6.0.3)
173 Feature F-Secure Preparation
174 Feature Citrix MCS/PVS with WEM refresh cache on startup
176 Feature UEFI / Hyper-V: Using ImageWizard.exe P2PVS instead of P2PVS.exe (available with the upcoming Version 6.0.3)
177 Bug PVS: Format WriteCacheDisk on private Image would skipped, but performed a reboot loop
179 Feature redirect all eventlogs to WCD
180 Bug Installer Script – Scripts not in custom folders being kept during Update
181 Feature Support for Citrix System Optimizer Engine (CTXOE) (available with the upcoming Version 6.0.3)
183 Feature BIS-F Personlization running based on DiskMode
184 Feature AV TrendMicro
185 Feature enable nvidia display driver if installed | | Founder Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) | IT-Architect EUC | Automation Enthusiast

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