Nutanix – How to activate Images uploaded from PRISM Central

Nutanix, LTS 5.5.7

While uploading the ISO from local machine, single registered cluster is randomly identified for each specified image, and the image is uploaded to it.
The image becomes active on that selected PRISM Elements (PE) and become inactive on other PEs registered to PRISM Central (PC).


  • When a cluster needs to create a VM from an image that is available on another cluster, it downloads the image to its local storage.
  • If you want to upload the image on all registered PE, you can use URL option to upload the image.
  • If you want to use an image on a cluster that show as inactive, you can create the VM from Prism Central and use that ISO and place that VM on the target cluster.
  • Use the following command the activate the Image


Uploaded Images on PC:


If you check PE and see the inactivate Images

Cluster 1:


Cluster 2:

To avticate the Images, start a Putty session and Login to PC and send out the following 2 commands

nuclei -username admin -Password <adminpassword> cluster.list

nuclei -username admin -password <adminpassword> image.list


Example: Activate PVS-DHCP-D1.iso on Cluster 2. You Need the GUID of each entry.

Output from cluster.list

“Total Entities : 3”
“Entities :”
Name UUID State
NTX041CL1001 000579fd-1808-eb87-0000-0000000258a2 COMPLETE
NTX041CL2001 000579e9-ea06-e8ad-0000-0000000258a5 COMPLETE
Unnamed e0c7ad9e-d78a-40d1-a643-cd1082c10357 COMPLETE

Output from image.list

“Total Entities : 3”
“Length : 3”
“Offset : 0”
“Entities :”
Name UUID State
PVS-DHCP-D1.iso 8f287837-3779-4987-a9ca-5a01b7c5f269 COMPLETE
PVS-DHCP-D2.iso 5d575603-5fd9-4231-8072-b9f1879e80a8 COMPLETE
WinPE_DSM_PROD 9995fb64-5330-423a-abc6-32c142e73163 COMPLETE

With the following screen it’s easier for understanding:

checkout_catalog –destination_cluster_uuid_list=000579e9-ea06-e8ad-0000-0000000258a5 –wait_for_checkout=true 8f287837-3779-4987-a9ca-5a01b7c5f269

If you have processed all Images on your clusters, all Images are now in state active

Cluster 1:

Cluster 2:

Refer to | | Founder Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) | IT-Architect EUC | Automation Enthusiast

6 thoughts on “Nutanix – How to activate Images uploaded from PRISM Central”
  • david says:

    For that reason I decided to design a script to replicate images more easily.
    Please check my github, I have some work for monitoring and data collection for Nutanix.

    May 28, 2019 at 19:27
  • AJISH says:

    When i try to list out the image using “nuclei -username admin -password image.list”, inactive Images are not getting listed.

    Also i tried to create an new VM from PC to element , i am unable to mount the image which is in-active..

    June 6, 2019 at 13:02
    • Hello Ajish, I think this is another issue, I have tested it again and it works with latest release too.

      June 12, 2019 at 11:40
  • CharuK says:

    I am having the same issue as mentioned by AJISH. Not sure, if there is any solution yet.
    “When i try to list out the image using “nuclei -username admin -password image.list”, inactive Images are not getting listed”

    December 18, 2019 at 17:30
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