Base Image Script Framework – Bugfix Minor Release 6.1.0 build 02.105 BETA

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The long awaiting BETA with some bugfixes is now available. The biggest HotFix is for Citrix AppLayering, now it detect the RunMode and the BIS-F own Diskmode.. with this 2 combinations, BIS-F is able to  detect App- and Platform Layer different if needed. Read here, how it works.

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Release Notes:

Version 6.1.0 build 02.105 — 09.07.2018 19:46:15 :
09.07.2018 MS: Bugfix 48: AppLayering RunMode + Get-DiskMode from PVS / MCS Deployment needed, to get the right layer
02.07.2018 MS: Bugfix 50: set Global Variable after Registry is set (After LogShare is changed in ADMX, the old path will also be checked and skips execution)
01.07.2018 MS: Bugfix 44: Pickup the right Citrix Optimizer Default Template, like Citrix_Windows10_1803.xml, also prepared for Server 2019 Template, like Citrix_WindowsServer2019_1803.xml
01.07.2018 MS: Bugfix 49: After SEP is started with smc.exe, sometimes the service will not be started. Controlled and logged now with Test-BISFServiceState in Line 58
01.07.2018 MS: Bugfix 49: running Test-BISFServiceState after changing Service to get the right Status back
01.07.2018 MS: Bugfix 48: Using RunMode to detect the right AppLayer, persistent between AppLayering updates
28.05.2018 MS: Bugfix 41: Set SplunkForwarder to StartType Automatic
27.05.2018 MS: Bugfix 40: new Script to get pending reboot state
30.03.2018 MS: Bugfix 38: MachineState 3 not detected, Pre-ELM State, Layer finalized must not run
29.03.2018 MS: Bugfix 37: SCOM 2016, uses new cerfifcate store Microsoft Monitoring Agent



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