BIS-F reference configuration

To start easily with BIS-F , I will share here a minimal configuration for the first Setup. At a later time, it’s possible to share different configurations as well. Installation: Donwload the BIS-F Shared configuration below and, extract the ZIP file and copy both XML Files to the BIS-F Installation folder.   V1.0: Can be […]

Base Image Script Framework – Bugfix Minor Release 6.1.0 build 02.105 BETA

  The long awaiting BETA with some bugfixes is now available. The biggest HotFix is for Citrix AppLayering, now it detect the RunMode and the BIS-F own Diskmode.. with this 2 combinations, BIS-F is able to  detect App- and Platform Layer different if needed. Read here, how it works. The new Documentation fo this release can be found […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) – Minor Update with cool AppLayering Feature and Source Code on GitHub now

With the upcoming Minor Update 6.1.0 build 01.101 we are fixing some issues, the finalize package will be published in the next 2-3 weeks on NEW: BIS-F Source Code, List of Issues is available now on GitHub       Bugfix 29: AppLayering does not detect the right layer Bugfix 32: Fslogix – When in the […]

Best practices for Sealing and deploying your Master Images

Recorded Session from E2EVC in Orlando, 27. May 2017, get it here Thanks to Jonathan and Eric

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1.0 build 01.100

Hi Folks, we working hard in the last few months to make this release even better and better, some long nights to find the right solution for new technologies like Citrix AppLayering to get the Layer, run VM inside or outside ELM… sometimes not so easy. With BIS-F 6.1.0 many new features and enhacements: For […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1.0 BETA available

Updated, 19.10.2017 Matthias Schlimm Hi Folks, after some long weeks with the BIS-F 6.1.0 TEST build 03.x and very great feedback from the community, we are happy to release the BETA 6.1.0 build 02.x today. Many new features in this release , please read and download below What’s new in BIS-F 6.1.0   Version 6.1.0 build 02.103 […]

Image Optimization Analysis – Citrix XenApp

James Kindon has written his onw blog to analyze VDA 2016, BIS-F, WEM, CTXOE and VmOSOT in combinations. We will say thanks for this great blog and read all the details on his site.    

Webinar 21.09.2017: Master Image optimieren, neutralisieren und personalisieren mit dem Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F)

Die Neuinstallation oder die Aktualisierung von Master Images ist ein ständiger Prozess in der heutigen IT-Infrastruktur. Doch bevor das Master Images verteilt werden kann, müssen unzählige Optimierungen vorgenommen werden, Anti-Virus Agents, ESD Agents und viele weitere installiere Agenten neutralisiert und auf dem Ziel-Image personalisiert werden. Doch wie wird der Administrator dieser  Anforderung gerecht ?  Wir […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1.0 TEST – Release

(Updated 06.092017 | BIS-F 6.10 TEST build 03.102) We are now entered the Testing Stage for the well known Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F). The DEV build is closed now after some weeks of development and crazy nights, Remote Sessions to get the right solution. But now have a deeper look into:   With this Update we have […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1.0 build 04.113

Update 18.August 2017 –  The BIS-F Version 6.1.0 build 04.113 Release is available now! Key features are some enhacements for Citrix AppLayering, ADMX Changes, Support for GPT WriteCacheDisk, F-Secure AntiVirus, Support for PrinterLogic PrinterInstaller Client Launcher, Refresh WEM Agent Cache on system startup. Detail description and screenshots from the ADMX Changes, can be found here […]