RDP/HDX issue – Server becomes unresponsive

On my latest customer, sometimes we run in an hanging Citrix XenApp Server 2016 (Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU1) issue, with the following side effects:

  • can’t open TaskManager
  • can’t open CMD
  • can’t restart any service
  • can’t logon with RDP


  • powershell can be start
  • if you open up powershell with get-process | out-gridview you can see system processes of the user sessions only

RDP logon stucks:


Taskmanager isn’t responding:

On the Server eventlog we found the following warning:

Windows Management Instrumentation has stopped WMIPRVSE.EXE because a quota reached a warning value. Quota: HandleCount Value: 264 Maximum value: 256 WMIPRVSE PID: 36888 Providers hosted in this process: %systemroot%\system32\wbem\mgmtprovider.dll, %SystemRoot%\system32\tscfgwmi.dll, %systemroot%\system32\wbem\cimwin32.dll



With this above information’s, we open up a Microsoft call and find the right solution



Powershell Script during the automation of the Server helps to fix the issue:

$config = gwmi -Class “__ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration” -Namespace root
$config | select -Property * -ExcludeProperty __* | ft -AutoSize
$config.HandlesPerHost = 8192
$config.ThreadsPerHost = 512



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