Get to know: Citrix Optimizer

As mentioned on this blog (here and here), last week Citrix released the beta(!) version of a new tool, called “Citrix Optimizer” (or “Citrix System Optimizer Engine” – CTXOE). By the way: CTXOE is already supported by BIS-F 😉 But what is the purpose of this tool? If you are familiar with tools like “VMware OS […]

Citrix PVS Sealing Automation – a little bit more…

On so many customers I stumble about the last automation steps to seal their Master Images with Citrix Provisioning Services. If the customer has used the BDM-ISO it’s neacassary to switch the Storage Device ID (WriteCache ID 0, local Install ID 1) and insert the BDM-Boot-ISO, the vDisk must created first and the Master Target Device in the […]

So many Citrix versions, what’s new?

Chris Schrameyer @schrameyer As I prepared to upgrade from 7.6 LTSR to 7.13 I was curious what the the new changes were to Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop.  So rather than go through each doc on Citrix I compiled a list here. This way you can search across all versions for a feature. I thought this would be […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) and Citrix System Optimizer Engine (CTXOE) – A very good combination

As I has written yesterday in my Blog about BIS-F 6.0.3 BETA and the support with Citrix System Optimizer Engine (CTXOE). A great Tool from Martin Zugec (Citrix) developed in Powershell and a very nice GUI, receive the latest Beta today.Florian Frank and I starting our additional test immediately. Download CTXOE here In Combination with BIS-F, […]

Citrix Receiver 4.8 AutoUpdate is enabled by default – How to configure it

Auto-update provides automatic updates for Citrix Receiver for Windows and for the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack without the need to download updates manually. Auto-update gives you automatic access to the latest version of Citrix Receiver with all the newest features and most up-to-date fixes and security updates. By default, auto-update is set to enabled and […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.0.3 BETA

The BIS-F 6.0.3 BETA Release support this 2 Mainfeatures “Hyper-V UEFI Support” and “Citrix System Optimizer Engine (CTXOE)”   NOTE: This an BETA Release for testing first and show some notes during run for the BETA Version. After sucessfull testing we are launch the public version on . CTXOE would not delivered with any Release […]

Citrix Receiver 4.8

Citrix Receiver 4.8 are available today    

Optimize Citrix Receiver for better User Experience

With some simple steps you can approve the Userexperience on your client devices, like “Display Progessbar on foreground” and “Disable Notification Delay” Display Progressbar on foreground           If the user starts an published application or desktop the Receiver Progressbar starts in the backgound. Please add the following registry keys on your client […]

UserProfileManger periodically crashes while UPM 5.8 running in a Windows 32-bit OS

While running UPM 5.8 in a Windows 32-bit OS, customer may suffer a periodical UserProfileManger.exe crash, every 7 days exactly. Windows Application Event will log event 1000 for that crash with exception code 0xc0000005, which indicates memory Access Violation.

Citrix XenDesktop supports Windows 10 LTSB and CBB only

As CBs are not tested properly and are not enterprise ready Citrix doesn’t support CBs. We only support CBBs and LTSBs. If your Windows 10 version is a CB then you have to switch to a CBB or LTSB version and then proceed further with the VDA installation process